Connect people to purpose with uMap™

An all-in-one people-focused platform designed to drive performance and engage teams.

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Manage your people, not your platform

uMap™ makes managing performance and personalizing the employee experience simple. With a continuous coaching platform, high-impact engagement tools, powerful people analytics, and an unbelievably easy to navigate interface, you can focus on what really matters — your people.

Continuous Performance Management

Turns goals into results with a continuous coaching platform that humanizes performance and tracks progress.

High Impact People Analytics

Retain and develop your talent with employee-driven analytics that will actually make a difference.

Meaningful Engagement Tools

Connect your teams, no matter where they work, with the information they need to honor the whole person.

Training & Development With Heart

Ensure success when you equip your managers with the soft-skill training they need to drive their teams forward.

Unlock potential

It's all here.

Create engaged employees, effective managers, and high-performing teams with the analytics and performance tools that matter most to them — and you.

HR approved. People supported.

uMap™ helps organizations build environments where people can thrive, innovate, and perform at their highest level.

drive retention

Combine performance and engagement tools to create a strong sense of belonging among people.

create alignment

Build trust, align teams, and drive performance with a continuous coaching platform built for success.

measure culture

Track ROI with the performance and engagement dashboard that gives insight into organizational wellness.

Plan for succession

Use personalized development plans to grow your talent at scale for near-and-long-term planning.

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“uMap™ gives employees the space to express who they are and how they can bring value to work.”

-Daniel Fuller, BDO

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