4 Ways to Go From Surviving to Thriving in a Virtual Workplace

May 11, 2020 in Employee Engagement

4 Ways to Go From Surviving to Thriving in a Virtual Workplace

Our worlds have collided. The lines between work and home life, blurred. But every day the virtual workplace experience has taught us something new at Become Unmistakable. About how we work. The culture we create. And how we’re all managing team members in this new world. Here are just a few.



It may be a computer screen, but these days, it’s also a window into our lives. One we’re proud to say we’ve opened. While many use virtual daily morning meetings to catch up on resources, activities and goals, we’ve also used it as a source of team building-by giving virtual workplace tours of our homes. Meeting family. Kids. Pets. Robo-vacuums. We’re seeing who has guitars hanging on the wall, who has enviable decor and who still has an abundance of 80’s CDs. We’re peeking into lives and connecting on levels we never have or wanted to before. Now we find it inspiring, funny and something we’ve embraced, full-on. And we’re a closer team for it.


Virtual Workplace Desk Swag

It used to be what was on your desk said a lot about you. A Detroit Lions pennant. A picture of your kids. And, yes, the pencil troll doll. In the absence of desks, but a willingness to connect at BU, we’ve had each team member collect a physical, meaningful item in their home and share its story. This may sound light, but we’ve witnessed real vulnerability from this exercise. An old mixer that’s traveled the world reveals a passion for baking. A letter describing a terrible, but faith-affirming cancer battle. A baseball glove that represents both financial independence and childhood connection. It’s a step beyond BUCribs with an indescribable depth that can bring teams together.

Virtual Workplace

Recognition Never Sleeps

The need to be recognized as a team member will always be important and valued. Which is why we’re proud to share this new extension of uMap™. A client-developed program for team members to recognize each other for living company values and going above and beyond. Using information gathered through uMap™ favorites, awards were given for those who nominated colleagues and for monthly winners. They were featured company-wide via uMap™, internal communications, as well as in the physical offices. The company then explained their accomplishments and best of all, made a donation to a charity of their choice.




Unsung Heroes

While we continue to shelter in place, being engaged still has a big place in our hearts. So we found a way to celebrate people who have been sidelined by the current situation. Like our local bartender with the gift of gab and a masterful knowledge of our favorite cocktails. While we couldn’t surround his bar, we wanted him to know what he meant to his patrons and community-financially and emotionally. So we organized a virtual workplace happy hour where he shared the ingredients of his most famous drink in advance. Then, on camera, he guided us along to make the drink and, in true form, made a simple, heartfelt toast to the unsung heroes being hurt by the virus. The best parts? First, the bartender made a meaningful amount of money through a Venmo tip jar. Second, and even better, at least two audience members borrowed the idea for their own community.


At Become Unmistakable, we’re dedicated to strengthening connections and communities and finding the humanity in every situation–by creating uMap™ that unites teams. Live training that unearths new leading techniques. Or just finding that one small, yet meaningful moment to connect with a team member. Be it during a crisis or when it’s business as usual.

And we’re just getting started.

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