Mastering the Employee Experience: 4 Things Your HR Platforms Might Be Missing When It Comes To People

November 2, 2021 in Employee Engagement

Mastering the Employee Experience: 4 Things Your HR Platforms Might Be Missing When It Comes To People

With the right people-management platform, you can build an employee experience that brings talent to your door – not theirs.”  

It comes as no surprise to anyone who is hiring that employee retention isn’t as simple as it used to be. Unsurprisingly, the only steadfast winners of the war on talent are organizations that have really honed in on creating an outstanding employee experience. So, when you do finally wrangle the perfect candidate with your charm, culture, and benefits, you can’t stop there. Be prepared with a people management platform that will not only build the ideal employee experience, but bind people to your organization for the long haul. 

So, let’s unpack the essential platform features you might be missing when it comes to supporting your people and, ultimately, driving your organization forward. 

1. Employee adoption is not a priority

If you are going to implement a platform that is meant to sustain engagement and drive performance, getting your people to use it and like it is a non-negotiable. Not to mention, you can prove a stronger ROI!   

Implement a platform that collects employee-driven data. Providing people the space to share who they are as a person, what keeps them up at night, and how they see their future aligning to your organization is an irreplaceable tactic to creating a positive and sticky employee experience.  

Once you can aggregate this kind of information, development and succession plans can be confidently made, experiences can be personalized, and people can begin to invest in their career growth with your organization. Brain science tells us this level of engagement puts employees into a reward state, which means they will: 

  • Demonstrate higher levels of innovation.
  • Have better control over emotional reactions.
  • Begin to problem solve at a higher level.
  • Feel a desire to remain a part of the team.

Build an Employee Experience Worth Staying For
With The Connection Checklist

2. Your people data does not go deep enough

More than 70% of companies now say they consider people analytics to be a high priority. So, when your platform offers this, you say yes! Not all people analytics are created equal, however. The secret sauce to good people analytics comes from data that is employee-driven. So, while employees may not be in the corner office making decisions for themselves, they are still driving information to those that are.

For example, your platform should be able to identify that 56% of employees listed “Communication” as their number one development goal. If it stops there, you are missing critical data to affect real change. Your platform should also be providing insight into that general category. What if you knew that 25 out of the 43 people who listed “Communication” are specifically interested in growing their public speaking skills? Now, your organization can more meaningfully invest in talent while building a culture-defining experience.

Whether you are a manager who wants to support your team, or an established CEO who is looking to invest in a people-centric approach to leadership, you should be able to rely on a platform to guide you. 

3. Your performance review tool is not a continuous coaching tool 

From 2016 to 2019, the use of traditional annual performance reviews decreased by 28%. So, it is no surprise if your organization is on the market for a performance management tool that applies a new approach, like continuous coaching. The onset of COVID-19 in 2020 forced organizations to be more agile than ever. And now, if your feedback loop has not become more frequent, you are selling your employee experience short. 

Opt for a platform that helps managers achieve results with growth-based discussions using their employee’s OKRs, personal and professional goals, and training needs. When you center conversations around growth instead of compliance, real change takes place. Not to mention, frequent check-ins put a stop to performances woes before they ever become a problem. With the right coaching platform, you can turn goals into results, track manager effectiveness, and measure organizational culture all at once.

Don’t have a formal process, or still using a spreadsheet to get the job done? Implementing a performance review tool based on coaching streamlines your efforts and makes the transition from paper to platform seamlessly simple.

4. Your platform lacks empathy

No, we are not talking about artificial intelligence technology. We are talking about giving organizations the insights they need to drive transparency and culture. Build trust and connect people to purpose just by knowing who they are as a person. Imagine making the connection between a sudden drop in performance and a recent family tragedy during a performance review. Or, understanding that your staff shortage is causing people to feel disconnected and under appreciated just from a single report. With the right platform, you can aggregate data that pulls back the curtain and allows you to react.

The facts are this: Using a platform that builds culture and guides people toward purpose is no longer a benefit you can afford to skip. As Millennials grow into the majority workforce and work environments become more flexible, organizations need to lean in to a more holistic approach. The best part? With the right people-management platform, you can build an employee experience that brings talent to your door – not theirs.  

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