The 2022 Culture Check-In Survey

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The 2022 Culture Check-In Survey tells a deep and complex story about what employees want and value in their workplace. Not to mention the highly dynamic and ever-shifting work environments that add yet another layer to the narrative.

Having a plan to support and deliver a people strategy that prioritizes development, feedback, and belonging will be vital to engaging and retaining talent in the coming months.

The good news? We have a road map to get you there.

Watch the webinar where we unpack the results in detail or download the full report.

Download the full 2022 Culture Check-In Survey Report

We polled over 1,000 people. The results? See for yourself.

You’ve got the road map. Make uMap™ your destination.

At uMap™ we believe in making work meaningful. That’s why we built a platform backed by brain science that helps organizations thrive — from people to performance. With a continuous coaching platform, powerful people analytics, and the connection tools to bring it all together, you can get back to managing your people, not your platform.

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