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Continuous Performance Management

Turns goals into results with a continuous coaching platform that humanizes performance and tracks progress.

High Impact People Analytics

Retain and develop your talent with employee-driven analytics that will actually make a difference.

Meaningful Engagement Tools

Connect your teams, no matter where they work, with the information they need to honor the whole person.

Training & Development With Heart

Ensure success when you equip your managers with the soft-skill training they need to drive their teams forward.

Rethink Performance Management

Enhance performance discussions with collaborative feedback that ensures actionable results everyone can feel good about.

  • Eliminate the guesswork that goes into prepping for a performance review with guided reflection prompts
  • Come together for personalized discussions on goals and initiatives that matter right now to drive meaningful results
  • Curb anxiety with a self-reflection process that focuses on growth, not grading

Create a Sense of Belonging

Accelerate and deepen relationships from the moment people onboard by connecting them to people, purpose, and their path to success.

  • Uncover common interests and experiences to know people both professionally and personally
  • Know what makes people tick and personalize employee engagement at scale with the Personal Goals report
  • Align around goals, responsibilities, and development plans to create clarity and connect people to your organization

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Retain & Grow Talent

Learn who drives performance, has influence, and creates environments where people thrive to identify the next generation of leaders.

  • Training Clusters and Professional Goals reports tell you who wants to go where and when, and how they plan to get there.
  • Identify rockstar managers making a positive impact on others as well as those who may need further development with the Performance Dashboard
  • Identify the most trusted people in your organization with the Influencers report to help you make change management simple and effective

Monitor Organizational Culture

Measure culture at all levels of your organization to determine who and what drives success in your organization.

  • Use the Engagement Dashboard to understand the frequency that employees are engaging with each other to determine ROI
  • Use the Performance Dashboard to monitor manager performance, effectiveness of coaching conversations, and progress towards key results

“uMap™ supercharges teamwork by capturing the core issues that people care about. Frictions are reduced and job satisfaction rises. It’s a fun and effective way to build high-performance teams.”

Paul Zak, Immersion Neuroscience, Author of The Trust Factor

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