Rethink Performance with Continuous Coaching

Use the Thrive365™ continuous coaching platform to connect people to purpose and drive performance

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“I’ve been giving performance reviews for 40 years, and this is the first time I enjoyed it!”

– Phil Koning, CEO, WMCB
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Meet Thrive365™

Thrive365™ is the continuous coaching platform that allows managers to have personalized discussions around goals and initiatives that matter now and next.

Here’s how it works:

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Employees complete a self-reflection

Employees are given the space and time to reflect on their responsibilities, their goals, and the steps they've taken to pursue their passions at both work and at home.


Managers provide their perspective

Managers provide perspective alongside the responses of their direct report; asking questions, providing encouragement, and constructive feedback. These responses remain confidential until they meet with their direct report to discuss.

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They meet for a coaching conversation

The manager and direct report meet in a neutral setting (virtually or in-person) to discuss progress, performance, and development opportunities.


The conversation is stored confidentially in Thrive365™

Each conversation is captured confidentially within uMap™. As employees move to different positions and new managers come onboard, organizations now have the ability to understand and plan progress throughout the entire employee journey.

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Ready to focus on growth?