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Immersive learning experiences built to alter perceptions, expand horizons, and empower teams to achieve their top potential.

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The uManage™ Program is a series of 8 two-hour virtual workshops that set managers up for success by creating a common language and approach using uMap™. It empowers their teams with the skills to connect and confidently manage in-person and/or at a distance.  

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Everything DiSC® Team Workshop - Building Healthy Workplace Relationships

In this 4-hour workshop, we’ll unpack the DiSC® style of every member on your team. They will leave with a clear understanding of how their behaviors influence others and vice versa, laying the ground work to build healthier relationships at work. Plus, we'll cover the brain science behind human behavior and what to watch out for as you navigate difficult conversations.

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Unmistakable LEADER™

Unmistakable LEADER™ is the 6 part, development program that will take your career to the next level. Graduates transform from an individual who manages, to a leader that inspires.

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