Align teams to the needs of your organization.


Drive managers to support their team's personal & professional development goals.


Empower managers to engage their team with uMap™.


Equip managers to have more effective performance conversations.

What it is:

  • Eight uManage™ modules of up to 20 leaders
  • Each module is a 2-hour virtual session
  • All workshop materials are provided
  • Two expert uMap™ facilitators in every session

Who it’s for:

Companies that are already using or interested in using uMap™ as an engagement and performance management tool.

Why it’s important:

uManage™ sets teams up for a successful implementation of uMap™ by creating a common language and approach that helps everyone grow in the same direction. The skills managers will learn through each session will connect and empower the people on their team, in person or from a distance.

Program Overview

Build trust, deepen connections, and drive accountability to support and develop the people in your organization across eight virtual sessions.

Connection Matters

Learn how uMap™ creates a connected environment, beginning with onboarding those new to your company – or simply to your team.

Enhancing Engagement

Learn how to engage your team with activities you can use immediately while experiencing some of them firsthand. Leave with the resources you need to lift your team to a new level.

Unraveling Reactions

Dive into the brain science behind how companies can increase their bottom line just by focusing on their people. Plus, gain the awareness of perceptions beyond your scope.

Reshaping Reactions

Building positive workplace relationships is all about tapping into your emotional intelligence. Learn how to identify and manage negative emotions within your teams and yourself.

Driving Development

Their success is your success! Knowing how best to reach your team members as you support them in their goals is the difference between a productive team member and an ineffective bystander.

Adding Accountability

You’ll take another deep dive into uMap™, but this time to learn how to maintain accountability with your team members to set a path for measurable results.

Thrive Today

Learn how to have a robust performance discussion and pick up tips and best practices for helping your team members reach their optimal potential.

Thrive Tomorrow

Practice strengthening your skills while explaining why the data from brain science research confirms these techniques work. It's time to fill the gap between theory and practice!

Everyone on the team was highly engaged and on track. I look forward to the upcoming coaching conversations and feel our managers are much better prepared for them than they were prior to uManage™ training

Rachel Mendoza, Director of Organizational Development, Golden Sands General Contractors

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