Create a Sense of Belonging

uMap™ creates an environment where relationships thrive, paving the way for meaningful conversations about employee development and performance.

“Our board member’s reaction to uMap™ was unbelievable.  We wouldn’t have gotten to this level of connection without it.”

– Adam Dibble, Profile Products

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Meaningful Employee

Create experiences that help your people achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves at work and at home. 

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Accelerate and deepen relationships, clarify roles and responsibilities, and establish goals from the start.

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Put everyone in the driver’s seat when it comes to their development, giving them the autonomy to grow with your organization.  

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Get new hires up to speed fast by clarifying roles and responsibilities, identifying key metrics, and establishing goals. 

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Human Beings

Build the soft skills necessary to lead the next generation of team members with purpose and inspiration.

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Have personalized two-way coaching conversations around performance and progress to help team members thrive.

See how uMap™ can meet your organization's needs.

Meaningful Engagement

Based in brain science, uMap™ puts users in the headspace to connect with people and ideas to drive creativity, innovation, and performance.

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Personalized Performance Management

Empower team members to achieve professionally and personally through regular coaching session.

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People Analytics

Identify key influencers, invest wisely in training and engagement, and inform succession plans.

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Leadership Development

Challenge the "business as usual" mindset in one of our leadership development programs designed to empower leaders and managers to create healthy environments for their teams to connect, trust, and thrive together.

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We won't leave you hanging.
Gain an all-access pass to the uMap™ resource dashboard for free tips and resources like FAQs, Burnout Protection Plans, Turnover Calculators, etc.

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